A Miracle Journey Part 1

Travel to the Land
And Take the Land Back Home

The Beginning

No this isnt about the three kings and theyre trip to visit Jesus .. if that did really happen, rather this is about my trip to the beautiful land of Makkah and Madina Munawwara aka Yathrib! This journey truely had some serious miracles to me anyway being the traveller, some might just call it pure luck but in Islam we call it Allah’s Qadr.
Ive been so busy this year that the very thought of going umrah was out of the question and didnt even enter my mind, but during the end of June my uncle came to visit and simply asks if id like to go with them. I paused for a second thinkng yeah yeah hes just saying that , but then I realised hold on… theres nothing to stop me here from going O_O but I felt bad not being able to take my family. I pondered for a day or two and my mother pressed me on to go, as Allah was calling me. In my heart everything just seemed to open and say OI BUD dont be daft GO! So I agreed!
A few days later it turned out I was too late and had to wait for a cancellation on the flight otherwise I couldnt go. On the very last day of waiting near the 11th hour of the deadline a cancellation occured and I thought this has gotta be a signnnnnn!!! Allah swt wasnt just calling me, he was dragging me and getting people out the way just for me to go!
Let me begin at Heathrow airport… The journey from Leicester to London is roughly a 2hr trip, but it was a long 2hrs.. as soon as we arrived at the airport there was a big crowd gathered at the terminal gates. Why? Well the question was answered when my aunt rang from back home Leicester, informing us of the terrorist scare on BA Flights across England and Scotland that happened whilst we were on the motorway (highway to you American folks). We spoke to the BMI flights representative to get the low down on the situation; so he handed us a letter and explained to us that our flight had been cancelled, and that we needed to rebook and head back home. Me, my uncle and my little cousin brother felt like the three stooges dressed in ihraam in the middle of the airport shivering in the morning cold. Fortunately, our driver decided to go to the check in desk and spoke to the lady where she explained that our flight was in fact unaffected and that they were ready to check us in! So by the skin of our teeth our trip could have ended before I even saw an aeroplane!
The car journey to Makkah was at night time, and I even managed to get some kip considering I dont normally sleep on flights or car rides. I was half dead staring out of the car window at the night sky as I always do hunting for stars and constallations ( I know im a geek but what are you o_o ), when I suddenly saw a glowing white minaret inbetween 2 buildings, and I thought HOLY SH….OP!! My eyes wondered down towards the base of the minaret and I saw what seemed like hundreds of mini people just mixing around like a sea of white. Everyone in the car was startled at me, and I was just shouting loook!! THATS IT!! there! THE KABAAH!!!! My aunt exclaimed YA ALLAH!! In half fright and half excitement. But this was to be the only glance we had until we reached the hotel whereby the kabaah building towered above us in a glowing white and grey marble.
We prepared ourselves to go for the tawaaf al Qudoom aka the arrival tawaaf to perform our umrah. We strolled towards the entrance of the masjid and I was just staring up at the towering minarets above us that seemed to be so heavy and full of strength and awe. I entered the building and looked down as far as I could see. There was a whiteish area towards the middle of the masjid which I realised at once was open space. It dawned on me how close I was now to seeing the actual kaabah itself. I walked down behind my aunt and uncle and my cousin brothers, and proceeded down a few steps where I caught a glimpse of the side of the kabaah. I almost pooped my pants when I saw it in such fear but in total awe. I told them not to look and to continue closer so that we can read the appropriate dua for when first seeing the kabaah. I spent the next moments in total spagnation of the kabaah which isnt even a word but thats how it is… undescribable.

Habib Ur Rahman & the Tour

We had a tour guide by the name of Habib ur Rahman…boy was he something! He tooks us around Makkah with an arab driver and we went to see the mountains. We first came to Jabal al Soor – the mountain where Abu Bakr (RA) and Muhammad (SAW) hid from the quraish. It was astonishingly high. The guide told us that Asma (RA) used to climb the mountain and give the prophet some water and a little food. I couldnt stop thinking how small the hole was, and the heat I was standing in it would have been much worse in that tiny hole. We travelled to Jabal al Nur which has the cave of Hira. This was where the blessed Quran was revealed first with Iqra – recite. To be this close to where an angel had actually been sent shivers down my back imagining it. The light that must have shone from the cave entrance and even this mountain was extremely high, to imagine the prophet Muhammad (SAW) climbing this just to gain some peace and meditation so often is amazing.
Habib ur Rahman (yes he deserves his own paragraph) did a fine job in mixing up his ayahs and getting facts wrong ( he even pointed at masjid al jinn and the driver corrected him by saying it was the masjid opposite – he then said in bengali, im from Makkah this guys from Madinah what does he know!) I was going to say at that point… alot more than you! BUT hes a cool chap bless him. Masjid al Jinn is where the first group of jinns heard the quran being recited. Nearby is Jannatul Mualla which is a graveyard where I saw the graves of the prophets beloved wife Khadija (RA), Amina bint Wahab, mother of the Prophet (saw), the grave of Abu Talib, father of Imam Ali (as), and the grave of Abdul Muttalib, grandfather of the Prophet (saw). Habib ur Rahman decided to jump off the van at this point and make dua in the middle of a roundabout which almost got us in trouble with the police.
That day however, changed me and forever left a print in my heart. I wept at night and was fuelling with anger thinking how the kafirs made our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) climb up mountains to save his own life, in the heat the hot winds and in a cave. The effort of his wives to climb everyday to bring him a glass of water, it was too much for me.

Small Dream

On the way to Madinah a small dream of mine was fulfilled during the 4hr trip. We ran into a small sandstorm that didnt effect the car too much but then went into a very brief storm, where we had rain for a record 3 minutes ( rains scarce believe me ). But to my left I saw what I had longed to see since I was a child, a tornado funnel forming and spinning. It was the most amazing sight as lightning bolts from its side repeatedly thumped the ground, and not just one tornado but atleast 2 other smaller funnels nearby.For me, growing up to be a storm chaser this was a dream come true to see an F2 being formed.
In Madinah, things felt different, worse… It was meant to be the place whereby the people are politer and more calm but it was not to be. Continued in part 2

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